Professional Writing for (Creative) Businesses

Pen, Paper, and ComputerStarting a small business is not easy.

So many choices.  So much to learn.

Creative people have an extra burden, however.

How do you build a business which expresses your creativity and earns you money?

Often, people wobble to one side of the equation or the other.

Some people read the marketing books, attend the webinars and follow all the rules.  Their website looks great–very professional.  But increasingly they feel tension because they hide their true voice.  Instead of being loud and exuberant, they are muted and cautious.

Others think, “The heck with the rules–I’ll build my blog however I want.”  As an initial battle cry, this is very engaging.  But after months or years with no money, the rules start to look better.  Have you ever written a blog or website that has no traffic?  It can be very lonely.

The answer is in the middle.

Creativity comes in many forms and I find traditional labels of creativity very boring.  People who sell health products and who design a lovely newsletter are creative.  Office managers who take organization to new levels are creative.  Life coaches, personal trainers, chiropractors…  You all are creative and you don’t need an “art product” to prove it.

All it takes to be creative is a special way of seeing things, an inner voice waiting to come out.  If you feel like you don’t quite fit the rules, it is because you are creative.

Professional Writing Services

If you want to build your online business yourself, I offer support services.

  • Money making blog advice
  • Business writing tips
  • Online creative writing classes
  • Internet copywriting lessons
  • Business Coaching
  • SEO advice
  • Creativity prompts
  • Internet marketing advice

However, you may not want to do internet marketing yourself.  The blank computer screen may not be your cup of tea.  For you, I build your online presence for you.  I can become your voice (and yes, I can even mimic your writing style so closely that your friends will not know you didn’t write it).  I help you build or improve your blog.  I make posts and publish e-newsletters.  I optimize and get traffic.

  • Professional writing services
  • Internet copywriting
  • Ghostwriting services
  • Email lists

Either way, it is possible to build a business which is uniquely you–a business which reflects your gifts, talents and vision AND a business which makes money.

Visit my services page to get started.