25 Blog Ideas to Blow Away Your Readers

Staring at the cursor, waiting for a blog idea to magically fly into your head is a stress-inducing activity.

Observe yourself.

You’re likely to find crazy desires surfacing–from a sudden need to clean the drips that fall between the stove and the cabinet to an uncontrollable urge to give yourself a manicure.  If your house is really dirty, or your personal hygiene really lapsed, you can put off writing for days.

When you finally sit down at that computer and stare into the blinking cursor, notice the tension in your shoulders.

Are you having fun blogging?

Many of my clients don’t have fun.  They don’t enjoy writing their blogs but they are dedicated to doing it nonetheless.  But some days are tough.  They just can’t figure out what to write next.

When my client asks me for ideas, I can find them easily.  And once I give them a good idea, they can write much easier.

This led me to discover a nifty trick.  When I don’t know what to write, I pretend I’m a consultant to myself.  I ask myself in a thin, panicky voice, “But what should I write?”

And I answer with authority and charm, “Why don’t you write about…?”  My consultant self always has good ideas.

Today I’m giving you a gift.  Not only did I show you how to fish, but I’m going to throw in some free fish too.

25 Really Great Blog Ideas

  1. Tell people about how your niche fits into your daily schedule.
  2. Write about your favorite organizational tool.
  3. Tell how you got started  in your field.
  4. Write a list of blog ideas for your niche.
  5. Review a book.
  6. Review a blog post from someone in your field.
  7. Write a blog post about the cheesiest thing in your niche that you really, really love–the thing that no one who is experienced is supposed to enjoy.
  8. Give a controversial opinion that you know riles people up.
  9. Answer a technical question.
  10. Make a list of FAQ in your niche.
  11. Write about what babies can teach you about your niche.
  12. Get philosophical.  Blog about your quiet thoughts in the dark of night.
  13. Pick a personal trait like courage, tenacity or honesty.  Blog about why that is important to your niche.
  14. Who do you most admire and why?
  15. What was the turning point for your career in your niche?  What changed?
  16. List the top resources in your niche.  Books, People, Events…
  17. Profile someone getting started in your field.
  18. What ideas work and what ideas are really, really bad?
  19. What are the common myths in your field?
  20. In the time that you have been in your field, what has changed the most?
  21. If you could invent a magic device or solution, what would it be?  Write a blog post about your dream product or service.
  22. Get silly.  Reveal your guilty pleasure.
  23. Be humanitarian.  Write a blog post encouraging people to donate to a cause.
  24. Offer a free gift.  Give a free download for no particular reason.
  25. What was your most embarrassing moment in your career and what did you learn from it?

Bonus Blog Idea:  Describe your favorite part of your day.  How does it make you better in your niche?

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